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Our approach begins with you.

It starts with the right care.

The commitment to your well-being is at the core of everything we do. By staying focused on your needs and reasons for seeking therapy, we work to provide a therapeutic space that will yield progress you deserve. Our intent is that you not only experience relief from your current circumstances, but that you flourish in your future ones. 

Oftentimes, simply taking the first step is the hardest part. We’re here to help make that first step as easy as possible. Interested in stepping into a flourishing, more authentic you? Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation to hear more!

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Meet our Therapists

I’m an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist fostering space for people to attune to their authentic selves and build genuine connections with others. I enjoy working with teens to adults who are confronting their complex and developmental trauma along with personality disorders.

Tara Etemad-Haary
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I'm an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist dedicated to cultivating space that allows for vivid authenticity. I am passionate about working with people processing shame, anxiety, and relational and spiritual trauma.

Rae Schrick
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I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Supervisor dedicated to helping people overcome barriers to connection. I specialize in working with couples facing relational conflict, and individuals suffering from the effects of trauma within their own lives.

Shannon Forbes
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I'm an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and am passionate about helping others journey towards healing as they honestly process their lives. I enjoy working with many issues including anxiety, grief, overwhelming life stages and relational challenges.

Kelly Lundquist
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Have you hit a wall in your life? Are you anxious or depressed? Do you get the sense that your past still affects your life today? As life throws so many challenges our way, it’s easy to feel convinced that change isn't possible – we're here to show you that it is. With the right care, we believe we can help you enjoy your life again. Let us help you take back your life.


Feeling lonely or disconnected in your relationship? Are you and your partner feeling stuck or like there's no way to make things better? You might be having what feels like the same fight over and over again. Maybe you're even considering calling it quits? We understand how hopeless it can feel when it gets to this point, and we want to see you feel close to the person you care for most. Let us help get you there. We specialize in helping couples understand the roots of their deepest wounds and patterns so that they can build a flourishing relationship together.


Family… it’s complicated. Does family life feel like it's falling apart or not what you’d hoped for? Although it can feel confusing at first, the quality of your family interactions is not set in stone. Our therapists are trained to help your family understand its dynamics and learn to relate to one another in healthy ways. There is no shame in starting therapy – this might just be the place where your family can come together in appreciation and understanding.

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