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Cristina Arenales


AMFT #121228

Our creative and determined brain allows us to “make it through” whatever life throws our way. We develop ideals, patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking about the world, ourselves, and others. These things that at one point were meant to be protective and preserve us can, overtime—and unknowingly to us—be the very thing that prevents us from living the life we ultimately desire. It can manifest itself in ways such as feeling frustrated with ourselves, feeling stuck, disconnected from our body, or even frozen with anxiety, depression, and maybe suicidal thoughts. I focus on addressing defenses as they arise in an established therapeutic relationship with you so you can experience the insight and courage you need to make positive change.

As a Queer Woman of Color, I work from an integrative psychodynamic approach while offering a culturally sensitive space to examine your thoughts and feelings and assist you in living a life that fulfills you.

I have helped individuals and couples work through relationship difficulties, negative patterns, spiritual concerns, struggles related to sexuality, and ultimately live their lives more fully. I specialize in helping others build a deep understanding and acceptance of themselves while uncovering the root of the problem.

I am currently accepting new clients in person & via telehealth.

Cristina Arenales is supervised by Kevin Cram, LMFT #113083.

Areas of Focus:

Multicultural Challenges
Relationship Conflict/Couples Therapy
Complex PTSD
Emotional Trauma

Works with:



M.S. Clinical Psychology, Vanguard University

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 
(714) 583-2055
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