Empower Your Personal Journey with Individual Therapy

Discover a Path to Deeper Self-Understanding and Renewed Strength

Tailored Therapeutic Approaches

At Forbes Individual & Family Therapy, we recognize that each individual is unique. Our therapists are skilled in a variety of therapeutic approaches, ensuring that your personal therapy journey is tailored to meet your specific needs, challenges, and goals. We focus on creating a personalized plan that respects your individuality and promotes your growth.

A Safe Space to Explore

In the tranquil environment of our Newport Beach offices, you'll find a safe and supportive space to openly explore your thoughts and emotions. Our experienced therapists provide the compassion, respect, and confidentiality you need to delve into your innermost experiences and feelings, fostering healing and understanding.

Build Resilience and Well-Being

Our goal is to empower you with the tools to navigate life's challenges more effectively. Through individual therapy, you'll develop greater resilience, enhance your emotional well-being, and find healthier ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Together, we’ll work towards a more joyful and balanced life.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Therapy is a journey, and Forbes Individual & Family Therapy is here to support you at every step. Whether you’re encountering new challenges or need to revisit past issues, we offer ongoing guidance and support to help you maintain your mental health and achieve lasting change.

Ready to begin your journey toward personal growth and healing?

Contact Forbes Individual & Family Therapy today to schedule your first session. Let’s take the first step together towards a more fulfilling life.