Monica Garcia, LMFT

Monica Garcia, LMFT, works with clients to help them feel empowered and less overwhelmed by whatever is going on for them. Her hope is to host a space where you're free to share and explore your unique experiences and challenges.

Areas of focus:

  • Identity formation/challenges
  • Multicultural challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief/loss
  • Spirituality
  • Family conflict

About me

Relationships surround us - we are all in relationship with others and with ourselves. At times these relationships can be overwhelming; impacted by the tangible and intangible parts of living. As a therapist, it's my honor to enter the sacred space that feels tender, unknown, disorganized, overwhelmed, and at times, even hopeless. In my years of study, training, and practice, I aim to know you with you. Like no snowflake is the same, I believe no story in life is the same.

I work from an integrative narrative conversation that feeds from the wisdom of psychodynamic therapeutic work. My goal is to welcome your intricate story of life and support you with a safe space to not be ok for however long that season needs to be. As I work with my clients to further their self-awareness, they often find themselves feeling empowered and less overwhelmed with their challenging symptoms (like depression, anxiety, trauma responses, and suicidal thoughts).

I have worked with individuals, families, and children/adolescents for the past few years. I have had the privilege of holding space for a variety of developmental, interpersonal, and relational difficulties. With my eclectic training, I have the confidence and passion to work with diverse stories. My hope is to host a space where clients are freely able to share and explore their complexities in their unique experiences, values, and hopes. I focus on prioritizing client agency through collaboration and multicultural mindfulness. I welcome a wide range of challenges, some of which include identity formation, anxiety, depression, spiritual development, relational conflicts, and family transitions.

Areas of focus:

Identity Formation

Multicultural Challenges




Family Therapy

Relationship Conflict/Couples Therapy


Works with:




Spanish-speaking Clients


M.A. Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University


(714) 643-6252

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