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Rae Schrick


AMFT #142130

Many of us have heard or believe that we're "too much" throughout our lives—too emotional, too challenging, too overwhelming, or too far gone to deserve the things, relationships, and lives we long for. This messaging can lead to difficulties setting boundaries, fear of independence, or isolation to avoid feelings of shame and disappointment when our needs go unmet.

I believe that big emotions are not a sign that something is “wrong” with you, but rather are healthy signals seeking respect and attention to guide you toward your true self. I aim to provide a space where you can explore your inner potential and rewrite the stories you've absorbed from others or have told yourself.

My approach is holistic, nurturing, and interactive. I work with adults, adolescents, couples, and families, incorporating various techniques like breath-work, guided imagery, inner child work, and psychodynamic and attachment-focused processes. I'm also trained in EMDR, a trauma-focused therapy.

If you're questioning why your life has unfolded the way it has or why repetitive patterns persist, please reach out to me! I would love to ask those questions together. Your timing is perfect. Let’s begin.

Supervised by Kevin Cram, LMFT #113083

Areas of Focus:

Religious Trauma
Life Transitions
Identity Issues
Relationship Conflict/Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Family Substance Abuse

Works with:



M.A. Clinical Psychology, Azusa Pacific University

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Phone Number: 
(949) 414-4418
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