Eating & Body Image Issues

Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body with Expert Guidance and Compassion

Understanding Your Body Image Concerns

If worries about weight, body shape, or eating patterns dominate your thoughts, Forbes Individual & Family Therapy is here to help. We offer a safe space to explore these concerns, helping you understand and transform the way you view your body and self. Our psychodynamic approach delves into how these perceptions affect your self-esteem and overall happiness.

Addressing the Impact on Health and Happiness

When eating habits begin to interfere with your health and emotional well-being, it’s important to seek support. Our therapists work with you to identify how these habits are affecting your life and guide you toward healthier behaviors and thought patterns. We focus on fostering a balanced relationship with food that promotes both physical health and psychological wellness.

Regaining Control Over Eating Behaviors

Feeling like your relationship with food is out of control can be distressing. We assist you in regaining control by exploring the emotional connections to your eating behaviors. Through understanding these links, we can help you develop new strategies for managing your relationship with food, leading to more empowered and mindful eating practices.

Healing Emotional Connections to Eating and Body Image

A significant aspect of overcoming eating and body image issues involves addressing the emotional factors linked to these struggles. Our therapists are skilled in helping you uncover and work through the emotions that influence how you eat and perceive your body, aiming for a healthier, more positive self-image.

Are You Ready to Heal and Flourish?

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