Family Therapy

Foster a Healthier, More Supportive Family Dynamic with Expert Guidance

Understanding and Addressing Family Conflicts

Holistic Approach to Family Therapy

Our family therapy approach is rooted in a psychodynamic perspective, focusing on the underlying psychological factors that influence family interactions. We strive to understand each family member's role and how their experiences impact the family as a whole. This comprehensive approach helps families navigate their unique challenges and foster healthier relationships.

  • Explore the psychological underpinnings of family dynamics.
  • Understand the roles and patterns that shape family interactions.

Creating a Safe Space for Open Dialogue

Effective communication is vital for resolving family issues. Our therapists provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where family members can express their thoughts and feelings openly. We facilitate constructive conversations that promote understanding and empathy among family members.

  • Develop skills for effective and empathetic communication.
  • Create a safe space for family members to share their perspectives.

Enhancing Communication Within the Family

Identifying Core Issues

Family conflicts often stem from deep-seated issues that need careful exploration. In family therapy, we help you identify and address these core issues. By understanding the root causes of conflicts, families can work towards lasting resolutions and build stronger connections.

  • Identify underlying issues contributing to family conflicts.
  • Develop strategies for addressing and resolving these issues.

Enhancing Emotional Connections

Strong emotional connections are the foundation of a healthy family. Our therapists guide families in strengthening these connections through guided exercises and open dialogue. By fostering empathy and understanding, families can rebuild trust and enhance their emotional bonds.

  • Rebuild trust and enhance emotional connections within the family.
  • Participate in exercises designed to foster empathy and understanding.

This is where we can help.

Breaking Negative Family Patterns

Building Resilient Family Units

Family therapy is not just about resolving immediate issues but also about fostering long-term harmony. We equip families with the skills and insights needed to navigate future challenges together. Our goal is to help you build a resilient family unit capable of thriving through life's ups and downs.

  • Learn skills to maintain family harmony and resilience.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of each family member's needs and perspectives.

Ready to Transform Your Family Relationships?

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Why choose our practice


We've done our own work

Would you ever want to work with a therapist who hasn't done their own emotional work? We wouldn't. And so we only hire clinicians who have to ensure confidence in the process for our clients.


We're depth-oriented

We're not a short-term, fix-you-in-six-weeks kind of practice. We want long term change and real healing. And that takes time. So we work very hard to help you get to the actual roots of your issues.


We don't stop learning

Our whole clinical team participates in quarterly trainings and monthly consultation group to ensure we remain relevant, informed and excellent in our psychotherapeutic care for you.

Our approach to healing

At Forbes Individual & Family Therapy, we specialize in guiding individuals, couples, and families through the journey of self-discovery and nurturing healthier relationships. Our experienced therapists provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your innermost thoughts, emotions, and experiences

In our practice, we understand the intricate dynamics of personal growth and interpersonal connections. Whether you're facing individual challenges, struggling in your relationship, or seeking to strengthen family bonds, we are here to help
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Rates & FAQ.

How much does therapy cost?

Our rates vary depending on the therapist's level of licensure. Sessions with our associates are priced between $100 and $150, while sessions with licensed therapists range from $150 to $225 per session.

Can I use my insurance?

While we do not accept insurance directly, we can provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. We recommend checking with your insurance provider regarding out-of-network mental health coverage.

How can therapy help me?

Therapy can help you gain self-awareness, develop coping skills, improve communication, build healthier relationships, and work through difficult emotions or experiences. It provides a safe and supportive environment to explore and address your concerns with the guidance of a trained professional.

What ages do you work with?

We provide therapy services for individuals of all ages, from children and adolescents to adults and seniors. Our therapists have experience working with diverse populations and can tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of each client.

How many therapy sessions will I need?

The number of therapy sessions needed varies for each individual and depends on factors such as the nature of your concerns, your goals for therapy, and your progress over time. Your therapist will work collaboratively with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and goals.

Ready to Transform Your Family Relationships?

Reach out to Forbes Individual & Family Therapy today and begin your journey toward a healthier, more connected family life.