Our Leadership

Bryan and Shannon have long been dedicated to genuinely helping people and bringing healing at the deepest levels. Forbes Individual and Family Therapy is a natural outpouring of these passions and desires. Bryan and Shannon bring a combined 12 years of experience across several different industries, including substance abuse residential treatment, non-profits, and churches. Their collective expertise in providing mental health care, soul care in spiritual communities, and overall leadership across their job roles has cultivated a private practice environment where clients can feel confident in the quality of care they are receiving. They look forward to helping you!

Shannon Forbes

Co-Founder & President

Bryan Forbes

Co-Founder & COO

Our vision for you.

Our primary goal at Forbes Individual and Family Therapy is to come alongside you—the individual, the couple, or the family—in order to help you unite with your true, authentic self while also experiencing the life change you've been longing for. The best change comes from connecting with and accessing who you really are, and we're here to help you do that.

You can read more about the values that mark our team's clinical approach with each and every client below. Our hope is that you would experience each of these first hand in your work with your clinician.

Our Guiding Values

Client-Centered: We collaboratively work with our clients to prioritize treatment best suited to the client's specific needs and desires.

Courageously-Curious: We inspire our clients toward genuine introspection where true liberation lies, realizing the journey into ourselves is intimidating and takes courage.

Compassionately-Attuned: We approach every client with both our undivided attention and unconditional positive regard.

Values Continued

Depth-Driven: We pursue therapeutic work at the deepest parts of self, for true change only happens when the roots of who we are become known.

Development-Focused: Because we refuse stagnancy as clinicians, we commit to doing our own self-work as a way of ensuring we're offering the most effective care that we can.

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