How we approach healing

At Forbes Individual & Family Therapy, we specialize in individual, couples, and family therapy with a deep-rooted focus on self-awareness and relationship enhancement. Grounded in psychodynamic principles, our approach delves into the intricate dynamics of the unconscious mind, exploring how past experiences shape present behaviors and relationships.

In our individual therapy sessions, our skilled therapists provide a nurturing space for self-exploration and personal growth. Through introspective dialogue and insight-oriented techniques, clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, uncovering underlying patterns and fostering inner healing.

For couples seeking to strengthen their bond, our couples therapy offers a transformative journey towards deeper connection and mutual understanding. Drawing from psychodynamic theories, we help couples explore the subconscious influences on their relationship dynamics, facilitating open communication and conflict resolution.

Family therapy at our practice embraces the systemic perspective, recognizing the interplay of individual members within the family unit. Our therapists guide families in unraveling generational patterns, improving communication, and fostering cohesion, leading to greater harmony and resilience. We believe in the power of self-awareness to transform relationships and lives. Take the courageous step towards self-discovery and relationship growth by scheduling a free consultation with us today. Together, we'll embark on a journey of insight, healing, and connection.

Our Leadership

Shannon Forbes

Co-Founder & President

Bryan Forbes

Co-Founder & COO

Shannon and Bryan, driven by a sincere desire to make a meaningful difference in people's lives, have founded Forbes Individual and Family Therapy. With over 15 years of combined experience spanning various sectors such as substance abuse & acute mental health treatment, non-profits, and spiritual communities, they bring a wealth of expertise to their practice. Their background in mental health care, coupled with their leadership experience, has shaped a private practice environment dedicated to providing high-quality care. At ForbesIFT, clients can trust in the depth of compassion and professionalism they receive. Bryan and Shannon eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support you on your journey to healing and growth.

Our Guiding Values

Client-Centered: We collaboratively work with our clients to prioritize treatment best suited to the client's specific needs and desires.

Courageously-Curious: We inspire our clients toward genuine introspection where true liberation lies, realizing the journey into ourselves is intimidating and takes courage.

Compassionately-Attuned: We approach every client with both our undivided attention and unconditional positive regard.

Values Continued

Depth-Driven: We pursue therapeutic work at the deepest parts of self, for true change only happens when the roots of who we are become known.

Development-Focused: Because we refuse stagnancy as clinicians, we commit to doing our own self-work as a way of ensuring we're offering the most effective care that we can.

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